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  • come across

      I wonder how we must come across in a situation like this.

      To impose standards on other countries can come across as presumptuous, moralistic or patronising.

  • cost

      The cost must be a part of the product's overall cost and price.

      Only when the cost is integrated is the actual environmental cost integrated into the price.

      14478 5 % of the total cost.

      Secondly, regarding the cost structure.

      Copying will also cost jobs.

  • cough up
  • disburse
  • foot

      The same applies to foot - and - mouth.

      Foot - and - mouth, though, is an ancient disease.

      But, as you said, they have foot - and - mouth disease.

      Foot - and - mouth disease is endemic in the developing world.

      He is obviously making a habit of putting his foot in it.

  • ante up
  • to pay

      I have given instructions to my staff to pay close attention to this issue.

      Nor are there enough practical measures to encourage aviation to pay more respect to the environment.

      I want to pay tribute to their bravery and dedication.

      We need to pay particular attention to our prisons.

      Their logical response is to refuse to pay.

  • aby
  • acquit
  • check out
  • liquidate
  • pay

      Ultimately, the polluter must pay.

      The polluter ought to pay.

      Secondly, polluters must pay, naturally.

      I pay great tribute to him.

      I pay tribute to them for that.

  • pick up

      I should like to pick up on four points.

      I should like to pick up on this point.

      I should like to pick up straight away on your closing words.

      I must, however, just pick up on two points that were inaccurate.

      I want to briefly pick up on some of the crucial points that he made.

  • post

      The post office is democracy.

      Sub - post offices closed down.

      We want to see ex - post control.

      Today there are only post mortem examinations.

      We shared a sort of post - candlelight supper together.

  • To cost.
  • To pay for.

      People have to enjoy true justice without having to pay for it.

      Consumers are prepared to pay for that.

      Seventy per cent of the supplementary budget is to be used to pay for the incineration campaign.

      But of course there is a price to pay for that.

      44509 2 billion less that they have to pay for this year 's budget.

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