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  • deed

      It is now high time that they proved to us -- in word and deed -- that they are worthy of this trust.

  • title

      Stem cell research would be a less tendentious title.

      But they are not there in the title.

      I rather regret that the title only refers to food safety.

      That is why our committee strongly supported the change of title.

      The report does not contain what the title promises.

  • assurance

      I now come to the statement of assurance.

      That is clearly not a positive statement of assurance.

      We should like an assurance that this will be duly corrected.

      This requires structural change and enhanced consumer confidence through quality assurance.

      Allow me to conclude with a few comments on the declaration of assurance.

  • arcade
  • contract

      Any merger contract must include social clauses.

      You cannot rewrite the social contract overnight.

      You have addressed the important question of contract compliance.

      His position must be strengthened for future contract negotiations.

      Basically, as the market expands at world level, you contract mentally.

  • conveyance
  • purchase deed

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