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  • sell

      We are the people who buy and sell almost all the things they want to buy and sell.

      We need industry to go out and sell renewable energy.

      Charity shops normally receive, as a gift, single used products which they in turn sell to consumers.

      Teams have shorter and shorter sell - by dates.

      Their revolution has been to sell computers and software to everyone.

  • condense
  • confine

      Should it confine itself to the first pillar, i.

      I will therefore confine myself to two general points.

      I will therefore confine myself to a few additional remarks.

      We shall therefore confine ourselves to highlighting a few issues.

      Europe cannot confine itself to acting as provider of funds.

  • enclose
  • lock up
  • oppress
  • pinch

      Europe is feeling the pinch and is becoming less and less attractive as a business location.

  • put away
  • rack

      We should, therefore, really not rack our brains over this any longer.

  • shut up

      We might just as well shut up shop and go home.

      The child is thoroughly confused and lives shut up in a cellar.

  • squash
  • squeeze

      12466 2 billion; instead we must squeeze the margin dry.

      Working time puts the squeeze on women and children, in particular.

  • stiffen
  • stow
  • strain

      I saw that strain in her report as well.

      I believe that the current situation is putting untold emotional and psychological strain on farmers.

      This aggravates the long - term strain on the pension systems.

      Vaccination is only effective against the targeted strain and for a limited period only.

      We are facing an extremely virulent strain and the environmental conditions lead us to fear the worst.

  • strech
  • stress

      I want to stress two points.

      I would, however, stress certain points.

      I would like to stress this.

      I would therefore stress a few points.

      I would stress one further point.

  • stretch

      By no stretch of the imagination is it one of the cornerstones of the resolution.

  • tense

      The electoral situation was particularly tense, not to say violent.

      As you can imagine, this was a tense and complicated meeting.

      This can only heighten the already tense atmosphere in the region.

      Progress is slow due to the tense relations between the ethnic groups of this divided city.

  • tighten

      It is also important to tighten up the definition of " self - employed ".

      We have to tighten the purse strings and only spend what is necessary.

      The next report needs to tighten up the existing code and establish a legal basis for it.

      I hope we shall see the adoption of these amendments designed to tighten up on the common position.

      The amendments will tighten up the requirements in the recommendation.

  • to bandage
  • to be stretched tight
  • to bend
  • wind up

      Before we look to the future let us wind up the past.

  • be nervous
  • bend

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